Orlando, Florida Office
Orlando Florida Asphalt Plant
Maintenance Facility, Littleton, MA
Corporate Headquarters, Littleton, MA
Robert W. Pereira founded The Middlesex Companies in 1972. Through his vision, drive and commitment to excellence, the organization, now encompassing various companies, is a leader in the civil construction and paving industries throughout the Northeast US and Florida with their main headquarters in Littleton, Massachusetts and Regional Offices in Connecticut and Orlando, Florida.

The Middlesex Companies, using advanced construction methods to respond uniquely and specifically to each customer demand, are recognized for building high-quality projects, creating value for our customers and rewarding careers for our employees.

For nearly a half century, The Middlesex Companies have built strategic alliances with a multitude of clients, suppliers, subcontractors, financial institutions and has also maintained a long standing relationship with its surety company. The philosophy of our Founder, Mr. Pereira, continues to be one of mutual trust, respect and honesty; “Build all projects safely and of the highest QUALITY the first time, we can’t build anything in life unless the base is solid”. This commitment to our clients, partners and employees is evident to all those who have engaged our services.
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